Thursday, July 21, 2011

Which god don't you believe?

Noticed this moment after my art lesson. Camera wasn't by  me. But my phone solved the problem. On ground is written in latvian "Which god don't you believe?". I suppose, that old lady and this phrase are well connected.

Поймала это миг после урока рисунка. Фотоаппарата под рукой не было. Но моб. телефон решил эту проблему. На земле написано по латышски " Какому богу ты не веришь?". Я думаю, что старушка и эта фраза подходят друг-другу.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Does Smoking really kill?

Adorable video. just love it. haven't smoked. And hope will not. But after this video...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

«Hell No, We Won’t Go!» (с)

Всега хотела сделать съемку в стиле хиппи, предать их ощущение свободы. Возможно, поэтому много фотографий черно-белые. Снимали примерно 4 часа. Но это того стоило. Спасибо Аллеи Алине.

Always wanted to make a photoshoot in hippie style, show their sence of freedom. Maybe that's why most of photos are black and white. We were working for 4 hours. But it was worth it. Thank you Alla and Alina. 

When it rain and rain and rains. (c)